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Woman holding a man's hands will suggest what heart, walking in the street, 10, and 8 couples which is not in hand? This is not to say that well, said he also is a bit out of it.

     Yes, often see couples holding hands on the street, are often the girls take the initiative to hold the boy's hands, however, women do like the old holding her boyfriend's hand!

     in fact, a married woman, she preferred to shy, don't use words to express their feelings, she used to touch the most original, but also the most straightforward way as a means of conveying their feelings. From the marriage for love, women more than men with animals sex.   

     the old saying goes, "choose melon basket, pick the worse. "Give you too much information, but you don't know how to choose, United States Psych Central network recently reported that the United States ' decision and judgment according to a new study published in the journal of psychology, the more information, choose poorer results. People often think that master more relevant information, make a decision the better.

     woman is like holding the hand of men because women like to use physical contact to express their kindness and intimacy, between man and man to go straight, magnanimous and selfless, they rarely use actions to express a sense of closeness. But if the adult child is a spoiled brat.

     with the increase of age, people rationally mature animal's original habit gradually degraded, hidden behind the rational. Sensual woman like feel, from the point of view of psychology, women's more emotional, think by feeling, and their senses are more acute than men, especially touch. Therefore, women are more accustomed to tactile experience with alternative language expressions. When people date, not only with ears listen to what she says, use your eyes to see what she does. Only in this way can be more accurate insight into her heart's true intentions.

     married normal couple, most intimate relationship between parents and children, so their psychological distance can be reduced to zero, close contact between the body.

     therefore, if your date walking, always like to intimately with you hand or touching your body, she has been substantially reduced and your mental distance, she doesn't care about you to hack into her "sphere of influence". Sometimes a lot of men do not understand why women like the arm in arm to express intimacy, when when his girlfriend's body pressed against him, elated, took her own physical desires, I'm afraid he will be very disappointed with the result. Woman touching man's body is not entirely to physical contact, more spiritual, emotional closeness, she probably just to express affection and closeness to you. Only this, men not to fantasize for harming the woman's behavior.