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Two people married before with the feeling of love is not suddenly be gone? Married women started to worry about her husband after marriage will have a lot of changes, the previous being will not be a talk called? Married but struggle in search of a wife's heart? Married woman's fear of being hurt, what kind?

    , the worst injury: forget their anniversary

men do not pay attention to details, but women are particularly sensitive. Women usually made through the details to determine whether the husband love and care about themselves. But the careless husband will forget his wife's birthday, their anniversary, indeed if the thin woman's birthday have too many secrets, that only confirms her husband to your mind and thoughts. Married women the worst damage is forgotten from the husband. Almost every woman is no different, whether they care about her husband remembered each other each day. Actually, men sometimes forget that the anniversary was not by intention, but regardless of busy work, men still take care Lady's favor.

women are the most easy to move, because they are more empathetic than men, can share happy birthday husband and his wife is my wife wanted to present. Almost all women do housewives while facing the world's hardest. Think women's double hard, shouldn't men give women more caring and comforting you quickly communicate your love to her.

      II, the most outrageous injuries: commitment or even deceived

      language opens the hearts of communication, also cause invisible damage, because the person has the gift of imagination. Lip service either in relationships in General, if he is your loved one, any casual casually could cause you harm.

plus the women traditionally "listen love" rather than "love", the language of the sense of the woman obviously is better than a man's sensitive.

because too familiar, too, is too close, maybe he was feeling increasingly numb to you, as a woman you are increasingly vulnerable to him.

"Please be careful, I hurt from you" is a song that reminds husbands man never forgets his wife's fragile. Just a bit of heart, jumping to repress the "nonsense" will help keep "husband and discipline." Because apart from the outside, the genius of people with conscience and consciousness, conscience tells his wife's hard work, conscientiously hold love for him, and as a result, two of the world's happiness is your home to let nature take its course.

     third, the most chilling injury: the fear of common action, like action alone

modern marriage, husband is busy, the wife has not been easy. But also in the individual freedom to Exchange "intelligence" to be reasonable. Set a commitment before marriage may be unexpected changes, but it is husband and wife, with modern communications are so convenient, completely without warning of unauthorized actions will inevitably make a wife woman feelings cannot afford, even though he is full of kindness.

although sometimes the change plan, or days of contingency situation, he thought a surprise for you, made you sad. Husband he shouldn't forget that the contemporary couple is "body", the unauthorized actions of a party always brings the feeling of the other disorders, men alone and gangsterism are intangible harm to the woman.

     IV, most injuries injury: marital abuse leads to depression

psychologists and marriage women more likely than men in the depressed herself, in order to maintain the stability of marriage you, believe that controlling their feelings more easily than change your partner. So you always carry resentment and suppress hate, please, saw her husband's face.

woman to win best interests in relationships with men, tend to make them look so much passive the actions taken, men rarely understand the camouflage of their goodwill, it only adds to their demands. That depresses, can only lead to a deeper divide than to open up and brave enough to express themselves.