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Behind every successful man there's a great woman, a woman plays a very important role in the man's eyes, love is a prelude to marriage, is letting the time. However, man's courtship and marriage tend to be two different people. Then you should play what role do men!

     main activity is romantic, romance when love, after getting married, the main activity is rice, pots and pans, live at home. So, the ideal lover, better the more beautiful, the more romantic the better; the love, it is the is the better, looks decent, it's beautiful, people said it was attracting unwelcome attention, get home everyday.

     so, men tend to want to marry a lady or talented, and girls often have a great deal of prejudice, since ancient times, "Troy," said.

     This "reason", "wise" choice is usually limited to the men awake, or when the felt. The point is, men tend to be in when romantic love head, will propose to the right object. What kind of woman, could make a man commit to get dizzy then? Beauty, of course! Especially coquettish, Fox's best beauty to glance at one, you can check your soul. My soul is gone, we cannot expect any sane, sensible, let alone lecherous is used to describe men.

     man without hesitation preferred is certainly beautiful, but not dead talented Lady, staring intently, he leered at girls, even the corner of eye brow, nor to the talented women and ladies. Beauty the greatest ability is to make men love at first sight, love at first sight, one lost.

     man with a beautiful wife and home, often suffer from "Troy" after the pain, will learn from their mistakes, stay on the talented eye, or a lady's body.

     between the girl and Lady, man must choose a lady, "My Fair Lady, the gentleman" in this most apt for the lines of a poem! Ladies talented less than brilliant, after all, are still training, education, and conservation. That kind of gentle, quiet, elegant shuran, though lost to Sao and the secret, but better than no characteristic scholarly, bookish, and natural affinity is more competitive, attractive.

     with the beauty is gone, meirenchimu, ugly woman becomes wrinkled old Parisienne woman looks achieved absolute equality before God, by this time, talented woman would be a most pleasing scene. As talented woman full of poetry and for her maintenance, so always poetic, and it never gets old.

     If the beauty is "dangerous beauty" ladies were "at water's edge" and "Cherbourg", and talented woman is a bottle of vintage Milton old Milton incense. So, beauty, talented Lady and often are the men of choice for youth, middle age and old age, or the best choice.

     why does marriage make men have so much choice? Marriage means more than just a warm body lying beside men, means there is a life guard. One night in my life, men are often shaken from fear, the fear of failure, fear of the vulnerable, the fear is no longer plays the main role in life.

     was married to a man who knew exactly what he was going to do next: heading home, buy some food on my way, home, say hi to my family and put on home service, making a cup of tea, sit down, turn on the TV and watch your favorite sports on TV.

      summary, that is, is because of marriage to a man of sense, let a man settles down, so men in choosing a marriage partner will always want to find a woman that made them feel at ease.