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&Nbsp;     1, a happy girl, seemingly never grow up, mind. She is natural, pure nature affects everyone around, her love life, unfettered, arbitrary and casual.   She hate abstruse and pretended to be deep to make her dedication, indulging in something is too difficult, she simply tend to be exciting.

2, she was a man living in the landscape.   She likes luxury, busy life, to exert her social star charm. She likes to show her cheerful personality and let people willing to be friends with her. She has no need to do deep thinking, nor does he care about something other than life, she was drunk on her own.

      3, a typical middle-class women.   She looks plain, natural, no Polish, romantics, like, emphasizing individuality yet unassuming. Only able to move her people to really understand her, and for her heart. Her temperament and upbringing is her rich inner emotion is the reason for distance with others.

      4, the ideal wife and mother.   Her gentle, introverted, thoughtful, quiet, calm and delicate, pay attention to the details of life, love of children. Family is the source of her pleasure and joy of life. Parenting and good economic conditions, makes her go beyond the trivial and vulgar, she never envied men and women, only concentrate on peacefully folding the paper cranes.

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       5, she is like a horse difficult to ride the horse, bold, smart, warm, uninhibited.   She makes you think of all the strong and quick rhythm, she has always been simple and pleasant style does not allow any entanglement. Her heart is too big or too expensive, so mundane chores will easily ignored by her, but underneath it sexy and delicate spiritual wipe it away.