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The how to calculate this marriage of two linear equations  

philosophers said that marriage itself is a school. After getting married, you need to learn the way of husband and wife, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship, how to be a good wife, and how to prepare to be a good mother, and so on. Others said: marriage is a two-element linear equation. School for full marriage, equations for pure distillation of marriage.

       geometry of love and marriage, marriage of perfect business marriage crisis marriage regenerative abilities and "fix", which was valued, cherished by millions of readers benefit more marriages. After Chili's marriage is a formula, I started looking for more marriage equation, and how did you solve the equation of marriage?    

research study on marriage, first of all, men had better get married at the age of 31, and 2 years 3 months older than his wife, which marks the marriage will have a happy future. After marriage, the husband and wife should say to each other at least once a day, "I'm in love with you", and to have intercourse 3 times a week.

research also found that out 2 times a month "brace table legs", as well as 3 nights a week on the couch embracing touch, have helped the couple relationship. When at work, all 3 times a day by telephone, email or SMS to contact each other, but restrengthened.

research suggests that couples have two common hobby, is an ideal partner, and maintains a certain independence is important, the study suggests that couples the best 2 nights out with friends every month.

in addition, the couple divorced after 2 years and 2 months to have a baby, will help maintain the romance.

    1. equations of first marriage  : a close formula

most couples are met immediately after the close. They felt that there is an irresistible passion, want to combine together and share life.

coordination and thoughtful: this intimate relationship includes a coordinated and good friendship, based on the consistency of warm, also based on each other's different. A wife puts an interesting perspective, she said: "a happy marriage from two personalities, and basic information on the same person. "Her husband was a naturally optimistic person, she is an introvert pessimistic people. However, their common origin and religious beliefs, she fell in love with his spirit, and he fell in love with her delicate.

    2. the marriage equation II: sharing formula

make breakfast for a spouse, the other to walk the dogs, after breakfast, the couple read the morning paper, stable couples almost all relations are like that. These chores itself did not cause happiness, but it injected confidence into the marriage and responsibility.

vision and goals: the happy couple are trying to make their own change. They work together to enable them to purchase a farm, or a shop. No matter what their goal is, concerted efforts can make in order to achieve the ideal marriage full of glory.

    3. the marriage formula three  : friend formula

can be said to be the spouse of married couples as close friends, however, if their relationship is sometimes not enough to trust each other enough, when mild, then it should be formally arranged things to do

pursuit and respect: in these marriage love and lasting "friends", the wife can be completely free to pursue his dream, she knew her husband was unconditional love and respect, regardless of whether he understood her decision. Instead, her husband's decision.