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Under this in season, many women choose to marry are no longer focused on tall, handsome guy, very handsome boy would draw unwanted "peach blossom", so-called peach does not need much better, has a brilliant forever will be satisfied in life chosen wisely!

        However, in the eyes of many, and tall, handsome, rich man who is a danger signal, unable to give most women sense, so why do women prefer meat in favor of the fattest man?

whether it be through pairs of young lovers on the streets, or TV screen couple of the interviews, you will probably find that there is such a mix of features, girlfriend or wife tend to be graceful, delicate and graceful figure; and the boyfriend or husband is an abundance of body, bloated clumsy, forms a sensory visual contrast.

for the popular beauty + fat lovers or couples match, after after repeated research and practice of research, and finally on the quest hard science to explore the contemporary couples and couples worth thinking about and learn from the valuable experience. Here to share with you, why women love fat men?

       causes 1. fatty's tenacity is quite strong, mostly with unswerving dedication to love, when generally suffer from Belle refused, always accompanied by sweet Fawn, and follow up until the day that fire burning ice.

reason 2. square or a cubic volume, holds obvious advantages of absolute fat than skinny, when in dispute with others, generally there are few who can't get up, that massive body shield can be used to improve the protection of the beautiful wife of safety.

reason 3. fat fighting abilities Super, so can not only upgrade the beauty side of "firewall", and converted when Moody and his wife used to discharge and vent his anger "punching bag".

reason 4. General class of fat are plain, rather than the handsome guy handsome heroic, not fickleness and Playboy. So, from the point of view of female uxorious, fat looks simple and honest disposition, is often cured wife man "cheat" the winning formula of the illness.

reason 5. movement is the source of life, because of the fat body characteristic of congenital, also will encourage their thin women in married life, cause refused to undertake domestic tasks, because the sustained campaign is not only helpful in fat husband's physical and mental health, but also conducive to family harmony between couples.

reason 6. fat is not only body bloated, symbol of wealth has also generally pampered rich merchant, we will be showing a larger image of dancing fat-rich. And it was these big fat round belly fat waist, has been with money and wealth would themselves keen to present material girl in hot pursuit of the distractions.