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For each woman, marriage is sure to find a "first-order", who doesn't want to marry a good husband, and each man showed up, also have been taken up, of course, does not recommend that you girls do small here for three, but a good man also needs to develop. Often hear people say "married man is a treasure", but what? It's hard to avoid the heart of doubt, then married a man being held for treasure is what theory?

     objectively speaking, married a divorced man because the feelings of failure for the first time to once again choose to marry will be more prudent and avoid repeating mistakes. In the accumulation of first marriage, they have come to understand that the women, women would become much of what they need and want, understand each other's needs, there might have been a marriage would cherish more experienced family life. They have feather youth do not mature, more considerate, financially there is a certain amount of independence, there is a certain social status, but also more realistic, more destructive and dangerous. So what are powerful reasons to marry married men?

first, married men know more about feelings

everyone sensitive to emotion and to focus more on feelings, how can there be more understand the difference? Because married men have been hurt, and new feelings, than no marriage experience know how to operate, more patient, need each other in the emotional world of compromise, needs to accommodate.

Secondly: has the certain economic

in a marriage, there is a certain ability is very important to the economy, and after the career is just underway, there's nothing there, and married men, with a certain degree of economic capacity. And not through thick and thin, you will choose the shortcut. Who was now being home to Chong Guan, led a privileged life, gives a feeling of pride, arrogance.

     third: married men have a responsibility

experienced setbacks, suffering experienced, knows how to run a marriage, on a path to marriage, he will guide you and will be your guiding light, than you have experience in every respect, and in some cases can give you some more feasible suggestions, as well as attention to the details of life, such a man not a woman dreaming of you?

four: help for career

married men trained for short men naturally do things more stable, mature attitude towards everything, with a sensible attitude towards the problem, when you are in trouble when he would try their best to help you, to help you through.

     five: he'll be more realistic

it is said that unmarried young girls to marry him, offering only love and sweet, but divorced men to the girl to marry him, presented the House and bills. They came from a romantic, a better understanding of life.

six: he knows the importance of independence

If a man does not allow you to communicate with other men, and desire only him alone with you, this love will take your breath away? Love is long distance, also needs some space, as two separate personalities, support each other, and men who were injured in the first marriage of passion, often independent personality is important.