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Introduction: from a classmate or colleague, friend to friend, lover to lover of men and women, in this long process, UPS and downs are basically ate it up. Finally entered the Palace of love, the bride will be faced with a problem, somebody else probably usher in a day after the daughter-in-law is housework, with children. Family, career, appears    caught you off guard! Plot night tired of    feel like you lost goals in life    suddenly no self? As a wedding you may need to develop their own quality slightly.

     and married Hou woman of temperament these are need experience, a a people of capacity is she of emboldened, emboldened full natural on has has confidence, are said confidence of woman most beautiful, temperament need connotation, more read some book, to moments don't forget has learning rich you of connotation, are said mature of woman is woman taste, mature does not means with age big, old, is mature, thought mature, woman taste since within outer distributed out has. Women have their own businesses, and completely dependent on men only will lose the respect of each other. To have their own interests, the most important thing is your life.

     woman, this is a borderline. But as the saying goes: the Buddha in Golden, the clothes make the man. Dress is the biggest highlight of hair is very important. Powder coated not painted, it depends on your skin. But no man like a woman's face with a thick layer of powder, make-up was pale.

     on Yu men of angle Shang see they compared like has fresh sense, this you can through from time to time of replaced himself of dress, best is each of clothing are has a highlights, this will is caused husband of note of, addition is a so-called of half sugar doctrine, on like yiqian discipline children as, to a sugar immediately to a mouth, called he wants to eat sugar of when remember you. but not said you on they of outrageous not reasonable, Is appropriate to ignore but to grasp the scale, should not go overboard. men think a woman's heart a needle at the bottom, so let your needle at the bottom of the feature, so that enough women.

     modern women should also read, go out to travel. Efforts to broaden their horizons and improve their quality and style. So whenever and wherever they can be elegant, talk properly, distributed in the different ages different charm.