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Marriage marriage is the basis of what? Trust, tolerance, but also love to maintain. Married with a House, you need two people to maintain, to each other and have a little patience, more confidence, more inclusive each other, give each other a little bit more free space! Communication with each other is very important. Offer learn more road to marital relationships, long may your marriage life.

       1. talk, pleasant tone of voice. Not casually called each other, understand each other gently gently just say good words. Communicate every day. It is compatible with caring for each other, make each other feel he (she) is very important.

2. should walk together. Spend 30 minutes of exercise a day, exchanging emotions, relax, exchange of views, ideas destination, clear up misunderstandings, it is best to hand in hand.

    3. do new and exciting things together. Go to a new restaurant, eats a flavor different dishes; a concert, a unique holiday; sign up for classes, learn something both of you are going to learn things and look forward to. Learn together, you will be more enjoyable.

       4. regular gifts. Even if married, sometimes need a bit of a romantic affair. Subscribe to a magazine, buy a particular book, take a hot bath and massage, sent a bouquet of flowers, sharing unique experiences, favorite food is served.

5. write love notes. To hide these notes at home in every corner of the clothing, for example, in my pocket, or drawer in the kitchen, as well as some secret place. Use your imagination to create surprises.

6. don't criticize, condemn or complain. This cannot be done. Only to praise, thanks to care for each other. In love and lasting relationship, never negative wording location! If you have made a good role model, your lover will do things like you.

    7. own and maintain an ideal image. This is a gift for yourself and partner. A healthy, attractive body to promote good relationships.

8. allow your partner to him (her) to be responsible for their lives. He (she) realities and of the right to determine their own destiny. Respect for him (her) choice. Both of you can live according to their own ways to live---harmony; collection of individual differences; make maximum effort to make life easier and create more fun for lovers.

9. growing together. At the same speed and direction---through the sharing of ideas, participate in common activities. When your growth is based on the happy memories, your relationship will become more intimate.