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Love always with imagination to measure happiness, marriage is more suitable for display principles, but hat wearing fairy tale love, without the frustration of realism, polished and for how long? Seriously, good intentions to talk about a relationship is the Foundation of a happy marriage, marriage before the arrival of the end to learn some classic lines of the marriage, maybe you'll eventually.

on the marriage of classic lines:

   1. in most cases, dinner party girls don't like the initiative to pay for meals, rich may keep buying cosmetics, bags and the like.  

2. you who lives in the ocean? I will not serve my wife have anything to do with you? Say, I too, went back to the bridal chamber! ..... They really don't have to take out, no glory! It simply means that your marriage is a failure.

3. make a telephone call at the right time romance, at the wrong time to make a wrong call is harassment ... ...  

4. man, can't keep thinking about cutting corners, do you think an easy way to copy, fix is a tributary, accidentally went astray. Pie in the sky cannot, are God does not like to throw down.  

5. the highly educated, high-quality, high-income "three tall women" is out of date now is "three-position woman" market, beauty, knowledge and capital.  

6. they say, dogs were tied to rickety fences come in, I was the reinforced bunkers, repair the walls!

7. the wife, you're incredible! This moment, I love you! Blink of an eye is too short, to efforts to extend the life of a moment, you know?

8. don't think that men are really Henpecked, it is because we are training well and we respect women! You had the wrong hen-pecked man, kicking around my face, and it would be straying into minefield!

9. the said marriage is under siege, I see that your home is deep in prison ......  would you say dark prison prison prison, I have no desire to escape? Fundamentally, our family is still warm and lovely drops, so I didn't think it was in jail.

10. the more tolerant on gender relations in modern society, people's morality is more missing, misplaced twice, much more free, less constrained, this time more temptation, people down the river.

11. a woman cannot be a day without love, man can not be a day right! Able to take control of their own destiny, but also about the fate of others, it feels so good

12. when only see each other's advantages, were married in the eyes of all remaining shortcomings, belly button scar.

13. now pop new aesthetic standard, women preferred figure, pick men depend on the family!

14. that men look at women, all with an animal instinct, more and more strongly the desire, like a cat watching bones, dog bones.