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We often envious of others have a happy life after marriage, but does not understand forever happy truth. Couple of road, contains a lot of knowledge, often ignored its existence, but one--that is complaining about. Is often envious of others having a good husband or wife, but rarely introspective. Complaining to marry the wrong person or marrying the wrong person! In fact, if Exchange identity, you will not be happy, because lack of tolerance, contentment, forgiveness in your heart. Because you will never stand in the standpoint of looking at her husband or wife. That case for most newly married couples how to correctly handle the relationship between married couples?

according to the conjugal   XV golden rule;

1. reminisce about love: love is the leader of marriage, couples in   men and women, that kind of love, a moment away from the scene, it is wonderful. After marriage, reminisce about love before marriage, will be able to raise the couple's emotional resonance, and increasing romantic feelings in the memories, more   looking forward to the future, so as to promote marriage.

2. arrange again the "honeymoon": wedding honeymoon, couples   feelings most of period. At that time, the two men put aside all distractions,,  enjoy fully into the game honey love heaven and Earth "garden of Eden". After marriage, if you can use holidays, schedule time each year, ranging from "honeymoon",  such as long-distance travel, recycling both love little, reliving old dreams, will continue to set off waves in love, love   more and more concentrated.

3. celebrating holidays: wedding anniversary, your partner's birthday, promise day, is   wife, both important days in the history of love.

  ,  Memorial, ,  then take appropriate forms so that both have a deep love for each other on their own,  for consolidation of the relationship role.

4. compensation for past debt: many couples get married because the conditions that   limited, failed to take the form of ideal love to return to each other, such as failing to honeymoon, not to buy wife a   decent gifts and so on. Several years later, when conditions and remember to complete these outstanding issues, debt   debt owed in the past, so that your partner will think you are a very affectionate, passionate people who love you will

increased, as many gay men to buy gold jewelry for lovers after marriage, many couples who had been married Reshoot colour   and so on.

5. learn to please a lover: some men and women, dating with each other before they get married, always trying to please each other,  but after getting married and do not care about each other about their feelings.   This is can damage the relationship. So, after marriage, lesbian, as always, gentle and virtuous, care concern to her husband; and gay should be carefully   wife's feelings, not only thoughtful care for his wife, but also to learn to please his wife   arts, as she gaocan to buy clothing, to help her develop beauty plan, humor and so on from time to time. For humor is often contradictory reconciling agent. ...