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For men, marriage still care about a woman's past, it is still very important to him, your mouth will say the past is history, why mention it! Say I want to be right now. Of course, many girls do not know, in fact, men are looking for is very real.

      many jobs or careers are good girls don't always understand, the boys they so good how good favor it? Is fast even into the female ranks, still did not find the boys they love at first sight? In fact, Ming rules have hidden rules in the workplace, is also in love with Ming and diving rules, if girls do not know men choose women during those unspoken rules, like the elephant, not how could receive the signal on one channel?

1, girl's past

men and women also like to investigate each other's past, a man not afraid of how much you love experience, in case you have to do with how many men relation, more afraid of you ever had children by other men, woman like no pure for men at all.

2, a girl now

men know that early in a relationship both disguise themselves, so men are cautious about their marriage always, sometimes some careful to spying on the girl's mind, the aim is to more thoroughly understand each other. Therefore, the girls don't get angry, you are also in a variety of ways to get to know the boys, after all, selecting marriage partners with select usual playmates are principled differences.

3, the girl's family

boys do not focus on the girl's family if identified will not hesitate, however, to make the boy finds you is to have a process. Moreover, under the present reality of living under a lot of pressure, both parents of economic pressure must be transmitted to the young couple's quality of life and, therefore, if the boy did not have the capacity to support her parents, and girls themselves don't have this ability, can love, but marriage will have a lot of pressure.

    4, girl's appearance

boys to can meet himself of vanity can select with sexy beauty do love partner, but may not be will eventually determine for himself of married object, after all, love about of is drawing near, and married Hou is to daily face fuel, wife with lovers is has nature difference of, more beautiful of wife more will let men was no security, especially in laugh poverty not laugh prostitution and pervert haunted of reality world in, married a looks flat of wife will is affordable.

5, the girl's character.

men don't usually see right through women, men don't have that kind of supernatural power, so most men treat woman playing around will be fake, however, if you want to find a woman can own for life, men tend to be very cautious, only girls can fall in love, man that was real. So, men can have several lovers, but only with your very own the woman married, wife is synonymous with stability in the man's eyes.

6, the girl's character.

some girls in love and mutual familiar yihou is not note change himself of character defects, to know most men usually are not too like too had within of girl, this will to men of life environment brings is big of suppressed sense, also, many men also not like chatter nagging up endless of girl, this will to men caused environment deterioration of psychological pressure, this is why most boy are like reserved stable has woman taste girl of reasons.

      woman can be a bit "small" coy tone can also be used with boys in love, awakening men to protect the weak function. But after living together, you should practice into essential qualities of a wife, can't make a man feel you can only play, anything by him to give you don't care, so tired of men!