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Take for instance the Office worker's, doing a job has it's an adjustment period, as everyone's work is just starting. If you suddenly find the job does not fit can still change, but not marriage.

     marriage is a top priority, after marriage, it is not just two people, you should be responsible for your family. In the environment of this marriage, even if it is found that with each other before getting married, there are a lot of different, it can only rely on the parties to run, this break-in period is likely to be a year, two years, or it could be a lifetime, maybe. A divorce decision is not only a problem occurs.

     now let us take a look at their own work environment if there is a lot of nostalgia, perhaps you will perish the thought:

     marriage on with work as, just marriage relative to more highlight some, dang a people two couples occurred spat zhihou, first idea is think other variable has, no longer is zhiqian awareness of that, then thought has divorce; and for each workplace Shang of people are has had such of idea, even is most dedicated of employees, also inevitably in long of career career in, Flash had this idea, or is once misunderstanding, once quarrel, Or unfair treatment.

     Similarly, if you have a divorce comes, you don't want a person into a dead end, and why there is better for us to discuss this idea, chances are you will find, if the problem is actually very easy to solve.

     When you have to resign, or the idea of divorce appears, not doing it, you should think about the real cause of this idea is what, always remember that impulse is the devil.

     If the idea of divorce at some point so clear, you should at least ask yourself do I really not treasure? What is the meaning of marriage? We used to love about it? I'm really nothing of marriage to miss it?

     advise to recall your past, look through some memorable keepsake, as much as possible to consider each other's strengths, think about the marriage brings you the benefits of it! If you really believe that love was not worth to cherish, even no longer recalls details of love, then is the real moment of your marriage comes to an end. Problems encountered in a marriage seems to be actually live for some time, consideration is actually very simple.

     so, here to tell people who get married are, is not going to solve the problem of divorce, don't take a misunderstanding is, unfortunately, the kind of bread in his hand, looking at the porridge in the hands of others is not a good idea.

    as, Castle Peak building outside, someone's marriage and not as beautiful as you can see, maybe they envy you, no two leaves are the same in the world, can change the change, can't change learn tolerance and understanding.

     marriage in the work place, requires more energy to operate, somewhat inadvertently, paradise turns into hell.