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Wedding so focused on new people were trapped on the rocks

Wedding to concentrate on the understandable, but around shooting wedding photos will also be observed at the beach!

  June 28 at 8 o'clock in the morning  , Ms Wang dial this hotline 80889088 to reflect, within the Second Beach, waves of "help" cries coming from a rock in the sea  . Following the voice, she is seen standing on a rock a few couples, waving his hands towards the shore. Heard people hurriedly making alarm calls, and wait for the police to come to  .

8:30 A.M., the Second Beach in Qingdao. At this time, the sky was raining, tiring of the reef about 50 meters from the shore. On the rocks a few couples stand on it, was waving his hands. Of these, three women wearing a white wedding dress, another man holding a camera. Residents said, who apparently is on the rocks for their wedding photos.

on the shore, seven or eight border police are organizing rescue. 8:35 A.M., two civilian police 6 life jackets in hand travel towards the rocks, trying to get trapped persons put on a life jacket after Wade returned, but after a while, two police and swam back. They said that due to the rocks of three women wearing a wedding dress   If after changing the life jacket, returned to worry about accidents, Wade returns programme can only be cancelled. 9 o'clock in the morning, tide continues to rise.

"we have arrived, less than 100 metres", as the land in the hands of police radio reports that came out of, in waters east of the rocks, drove to a motorboat, 3 civilian police sat inside.

after 3 minutes, motorboats finally on the reef, wedding photography staff of 6 new and 3 smooth ship. "Thank the police, thanks to their help we rescued" trapped man told reporters that he is surnamed Zhao, was the photographer for wedding photography, from Hebei province. The trip, he took two assistants, escorted 3 couples from Hebei to Qingdao. "New people are longing for the sea, after careful selection, and ultimately selected in Qingdao to shoot", Zhao said that they came to Qingdao, immediately travelled to Colorado, in front of the flower stone filming the Second Beach.

at 8 o'clock in the morning, they reached 50 meters away from the shore of a large rock and start shooting. 3 couples looking at beautiful sea in Qingdao, is intoxicated, constantly changing positions, is the pose. Then half an hour later. Suddenly, Mr Zhao's Assistant and shouted, they turned around and looked and found very shallow waters have risen and flooded half the reef. They had to ask others for help.

"play to the attention of the tides of change", border police said Yan er DAO Lu, if in storm weather, but forbidden to play on the rocks, 9 trapped had been rescued successfully.