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Wedding Photo Studio is careless: half wedding little eyebrows for no reason

Wedding Photo Studio services appear so careless side, when it was shoot the wedding couple to get their product, found photos of him with one of his eyebrows for no reason less ardor. Mind rage who asked the Studio reworked, but Wedding Photo Studio should have the additional costs as a result.

wedding photo studio is careless: wedding half less eyebrows for no reason

not long ago, the couple decided on a wedding photo studio, delighted to take wedding pictures. But my family on the wall and then finished, they found photographs of groom eyebrows for no reason without the half, looked very uncomfortable, and a look at other pictures of many such conditions exist. Newcomer what the heck, find a wedding photo studio called for new production, but the head of the wedding photo studio but said customers can reselect photos and make a photo album, but only if additional costs are paid more than more than 200 Yuan.

bridegroom believes that when selecting photos, only through the computer view, hard to find flaws. Meanwhile, photographers and post-production personnel have no critical review and let the defect continues to exist until the volume, responsibilities should be borne by the other party.

wedding photo studio for the eyebrows things people have their own views, they believe that photos have been provided to the customers to choose from, in selection when the guest does not require modification, staff members in accordance with the company's day-to-day processes for photo processing. In that case, only the album played drums, broken, are quality problems. Customers select the photo has been approved, so customers have to bear the relevant costs.

on the reasons for the additional costs are different due to the smooth, to modify the characters eyebrows back in the picture is very difficult, plus customers in select the photo has been approved, so customers have to bear the relevant costs.

detailed explanation of rights:

the Consumer Protection Act, the operator shall ensure that in the case of normal use of the goods or services, the provision of goods or services should have the quality, performance, use, but consumers in the purchase of the goods or prior to the acceptance of the services except as is aware of the existence of flaws.

studios must ensure the shoot finished appearance, with corresponding functions. Wedding groom eyebrows only half seriously affects the appearance and use of photos, Photo Studio failing in duty of care must be restoration or reconstruction.

mango weddings network tips:

wedding photo studio at the time of selection, most of which is performed on a computer screen, which could easily lead to some local details to see clearly ignored. To avoid the same thing happening, at the time of the selection, every corner of the new best zoom in on carefully and then make a decision in order to avoid unnecessary disputes.