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Wedding beware: wedding photo studio dress bacteria easily exceeded

Once at the end of last year on the health situation in Shanghai wedding photography Unit conducted a sample survey, according to results released a few days ago just shows many wedding photo studio in the bacteria appeared over the scene of the wedding dress. Here, we have to remind about to shoot the wedding couple, certain health precautions to prepare in advance.

wedding beware: wedding photo studio dress excessive bacteria

Wedding Photo Studio provide wedding dress health conditions, safety and health, have been new issues of concern. Wedding dresses are, after all, close-fitting in direct contact with the skin, so many opportunities for infectious diseases, if a wedding dress for a number of people use, not for cleaning and disinfection, it is possible to spread viruses such as hepatitis, may also be caused by a fungal infection ringworm, scabies and other skin disorders.

in November of last year, Shanghai Municipal consumer protection Committee in conjunction with the health authority a number of wedding photography out of the wedding dresses, gowns hygiene supervision and inspection, survey released a few days ago showed most had excessive bacteria, this phenomenon is worth a warning.

the sampling of 43 pieces of wedding dresses, gowns, involving the 13 units engaged in wedding photography, wedding photo Studio 7 24 pieces, wedding photography Studio 6 19. Sample respectively, in the wedding dress of the underarms, collar, chest, back, and other parts, results of coliform, Staphylococcus, hemolytic Streptococcus were not detected, but there are 7 excess bacteria colonies, was 83.7%.

7 samples of the bacteria colonies exceeded, Shanghai Paris wedding photography pink dress 9751 has exceeded more than 7 times. Exceeded twice, zhabei district, Shanghai tea photography serving the blue dress, good culture dissemination limited company of Shanghai cheongsam shop, Shanghai spent to marry yan Dang road white dress, Wedding Services Ltd Z-545. In addition, the Shanghai House wedding photography company pink cheongsam H773, Shanghai Milan wedding photography company beige dress A137, flowers of Shanghai married shop Hi red dress at wedding Services Ltd, Yandang road Y-523, were also judged to be excessive bacteria colonies.

mango weddings network tips:

when choosing a wedding photo studio, should prices some more health problems, first check if the wedding dress is clean, clean, asking if cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

wedding dresses for chemical fiber products often contain an antigenic substance known allergens. If the wearer is allergic skin, they are prone to allergic reactions, induce allergic contact dermatoses or, so it is best to choose cotton wedding dresses for less skin irritation.

before shooting the new people should contract with a Studio, it should be stated clearly in the contract of the service content, price and other related matters; shooting, foil disposable underwear in a wedding dress, collar or cuffs. After wearing a wedding dress, use bath SOAP or bathing with a bactericidal function, to prevent the spread of skin diseases.