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Suitable for wedding text selection

Wedding Photo Studio for wedding album matched text always is very poor, or speak incoherently, and rich to love myself better, small select some text to photos, welcome!!

suitable for wedding text 1

in love the way the cool me chic meets the more handsome than me and you.

I cool like the wind, you actually like rain.

I get along with you, but I found it cool to fall in love with you.

but I would rather cool wind, cool stop

make you cool rain--smart falls, cheesy cream cheesy and me,

makes me feel more stylish chic-and nothing else-please you and I fell in love –

suitable for wedding text 2

If one day, I turned into a handful of loess

this loess green grass that grows on you, draw a Chrysanthemum is for you and sweet;

If one day, I turned into a Creek in spring,

this spring fantasy tour put the fish will dance for you,

the tinkling spring ring is for you, my love.

suitable for wedding text 3

Please take me to far away, to a place with no noise,

only you and the shadow, where freely floating.

Please take me to far away, looking for stray tracks

do not need to keep young and beautiful luggage, only to say goodbye to endless sorrow.

Please take me to far away, in an emotional desert,

naturally grow a row of poplars, grow in the wind

text 4 suitable for wedding photos

How can you meet me

at my most beautiful moment

I have prayed for 500 years

may Buddha let us knot a carnal thoughts

Buddha makes me a tree

long at the road side you will

under the Sun

flowers filled in carefully

every flower I've looked forward to

When you get closer

please listen carefully

the trembling leaves

I wait for the passion

and when you ignore through

upon the ground on your back

my friend,

that is not the petals

that's my withered heart

suitable for wedding text 5

spring is the season of love, because it gestates.

summer is the season of love, because it is filled with hot.

autumn is the season in hand, filled with golden leaves.

winter is the season of embracing, embracing each other can withstand all wind.

and I, seasons are the same!

spring, lonely wait for flowers.

summer, alone in the rain.

autumn, walking alone in the leaves alone and desolate.

in winter, watching lovers in each other shivering alone.

suitable for wedding text 6

  I'm looking forward to

but just that moment

I have never asked   you give me

your life

If the gardenia flowers hills

you   If you can

falling in love once again parting

so   long life

not just   just

When you look back on

that short moment

text  7 for wedding photos

when the fog

I was in your arms

the forest is full of moist aromatic

with the recurrent

teenage years

after the fog has been a lifetime

mountain air

Lake dead

only that

thousand million

will not be mistaken


suitable for wedding text 8

I love let me gaze

you well never forget

always in the end what is it

is darkness glowing fluorescent wave

still the warm sea breeze

is wet sand under our feet

or are you against the wind

shy smile face

(my love, let me gaze

you so as to never forget. )

always in the end what is it

is desired the kiss of the Millennium

still hold in the warmth and the

breathless thriller happy

surge of the waves is ear

a wave and a wave came and

will we bury

(my love, let me gaze

you so as to never forget. )

can we not go


Let your time travel

can turn into wild vine

stuck to the expanse of the beach


No Star: moonless night

all these gentle winds

(my love, let me gaze

you so as to never forget. )

and what is it forever

after 50 years what

never ever part

what is never forgotten

in just 50 years after what is


what is forever

in the absence of stars in the moonless night

finally only

leave a vast sandy beach

(my love, let me see you......)

hope that sisters can choose consistent with their wedding photos artistic love poems.