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Shihualuobabi flower Angels fifth-generation debut dress wedding Expo

In June 2010, the 2010 international wedding Expo to be opened in summer. As the largest wedding photo studio "for Swarovski bridal boutique concept Hall" brands, from the famous Sufi-designed "fifth generation Barbie flower Angel dress" will debut. Wants to reward fans got a glimpse of the luxury wedding dresses for fast Oh!

Swarovski bridal boutique concept Hall is from Taiwan the most unique Studio, Seiko to create fantasy, fine structure of fashion; fine • amplifiers • Royal look to Chong Wai da Jie, Chong Wen men. Well-known for Swarovski wedding knows, Swarovski most characteristic and the competitiveness of their brands-Sophie dress. Sophie design dress styles, dress Barbie flower Angel series, the concept of magic crystal dress shinny series, snow, cloud Chang ... ...

in June, the wedding Group's forthcoming new dresses for Swarovski, which is "Barbie flower Angel dress fifth generation". Debut and this wedding Expo.

Barbie flower Angel is a classic theme designed by Sophie series, issued since 2010 is the fifth generation. Barbie flower Angels series is based on the flower shape and meaning into the very creative design, and from childhood dreams with little girl Barbie elegant body, true to create women. Fifth generation published in this series inspired by famous crayon drawings, material technology, advanced imaging technology to all express Sophie design Barbie flower Angels series cutting magic, each wearing Barbie flower Angel beautiful woman like happiness and beautiful blooming flowers.

want to experience to witness a new generation Barbie flower Angel wedding dress noodles, fans, Swarovski bridal boutique concept Hall "fifth generation Barbie flower Angel dress" debut at a wedding fair, you can go to a wedding Expo sneak peek.