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Retro wedding dress spring/summer fashion

Spring and summer wedding dresses mainly in light and thin. The hot weather, if you must wear heavy wedding dress, regardless of dress gorgeous bride will look is so natural, glamorous degree immediately substantially. You know you want to design a light dress, in addition to using well known outside of silk and chiffon, there are many kinds of materials for all brides to choose.

     people light feel of the Duchess Satin, decoration and embellishment of lace, light smooth taffeta. Spring and summer wedding mainly lace as the main material, in addition to giving people light summer feeling, given the retro atmosphere of the elegant!

     must be chosen a wedding dress of the bride, such as outdoor wedding light to choose a wedding dress, a traditional church wedding is to choose a more solemn and more ornate styles of wedding dresses to show grave. In addition, the bride must accept new approaches and not tried on a halter style wedding dress does not look good, then don't try to Halter style wedding dress, various designer materials and tailoring, after all, are not the same, to give it a try, there may be unexpected results!

     in addition, this season's spring and summer wedding Crystal ornament the chest and waist line, Crystal consisting of large to small inadvertently scattered in the skirt from waist and skirt, to the feeling of elegance while flashing crystals make the bride look even more beautiful, more awed look enviously at others. In addition, crystal transparent sense of the dress sense of cool, allow the wearer to fresh cold feeling, without the slightest sense of baked, best at the summer outdoor wedding dress.