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New wedding scare on the highway traffic police

In pursuit of a new, a new impulse in the side of the highway enters the wedding. This dangerous and absurd acts are high-speed traffic police stopped, and they launched a scathing criticism of education.

on 27th at about 9 o'clock in the morning, Hunan provincial traffic Police Corps high Captain Brigade yuelu Squadron patrols to police driving long highway from the East to the West direction at the 27 km road and found a hanging in front a plate of Hunan commercial vehicles parked in the emergency lane on the right. Police thought it was a defect in the car, we drove past to understand the situation.

No sooner had police cars near, police were surprised to find there are four or five people outside the fence on the green belt of wedding photos, a couple are there various shapes, other people take pictures of pictures, props props in the car to drive to the busy on the highway.

"wedding in the highway, this is the first time. "The police even call" unbelievable ", immediately stop their risky behavior. Informed, upon enquiry, yiyang, this is for the men and women who now live in Changsha, who was visiting the home's attractions to take wedding pictures, passing by here, roadside green belts found in the nursery is particularly beautiful, and highways the entire background and looks very good, just decided to take a group photo here.

the couple also said that they saw a lot on the railway side, shooting wedding photos in the waste workshop, but not seen on the highway, think about this "creative" good to get off to take a view.

police immediately launched a scathing criticism of education, and called for the immediate Pack drove away.