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Military photos-celebrate the 60 anniversary of national day

In the 60 anniversary of the founding of the festive days, wedding photo studio specially arranged their wedding day themed uniforms. Many older couples are preferred for this series of photos, many young couples joined the uniform photo team, become a classic combination of personality and nostalgia.  

celebrate the 60 anniversary of national day: wedding photo studio to launch military uniform photos

60 anniversary of the founding of new China, Daqing is around the corner, many Studios launched uniformed wedding services, attract the eye of many couples.

Miss he wanted his wedding photos are different from the others, so see the Studio launched "happiness like a flower" uniforms after the series of photos, like "coincides with the 60 anniversary of the motherland, I feel this way to commemorate special, a throwback to the era of my parents".

wedding photo studio staff expressed, came to the shop this year shooting wedding is much more than in previous years in the number of couples choose the uniform series, which also has older couples choose the series of recalls.

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