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Japan beauty robot models seen in wedding booth

On July 22 Osaka, Japan fashion designer Gui Youmei clothing, held press conference, discovered a beautiful robot model, her lifelike movements and facial expressions similar to real, a launch event, all of the audience oohed and ahhed.

in March this year by the Japan National Institute of advanced industrial technology and development of high quality beauty robot used to "announcer" identity unveiled in Tokyo fashion week, 22nd this beautiful robot in Osaka on a wedding dress fashion show, for the first time in "robot wedding dress models" appeared in front of an audience.

robots in Japan a famous clothing designer Gui Youmei of wedding dresses, stepping on the "catwalk" slowly onto the stage, which at a cost of 200 million yen, developers reference Japan young women's body data, robots designed weight 43 kg, height 156 cm. Robots in the complete set of "10 meters cat" performed automatically after turned and walked away. In addition, the robots can show emotions and expressions. Researchers at the robot's face and neck 42 is installed micro motors, their facial expression is much closer to humans.

this high quality beautiful robot named "Miim" (Chris Mihm), is Japan developed a walking, talking and smiling high female robot. The number HRP-4C of the robot height 158 cm, the shape looks like an ordinary Japan women.

scientists say that removing the face and other coverings, HRP-4C the main structure of the robot will be about 20 million yen (200,000 dollars) for sale and, in addition, researchers will also announce its programming in order to write new programs, allow it to make other interesting actions.   This dark-haired beauty robot will be used to attract and entertain the audience. Let us quickly look at beautiful wedding photos of the robot at the Conference site.