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Generation new favorite wedding photos-wedding films

Generation is very character generation, generation photos in order to meet the needs of newcomers also are best in individuality. As a result of generation photos, wedding films are recorded with dynamic images of the couple, pursued by many young couple.  

and wedding different wedding photography film Rookie, don't put the same pose, just bits and pieces people lived in the two series together, or close, or mischievous, or funny, every moment was witness to two people in love.

according to the new requirements, wedding movies based on different scenarios of different themes, you can stroll along the streets of Paris, can immerse themselves in an elegant villa, or swing on the Moon, you can dance in the music box.

many new hires will take your own wedding movies played at the wedding scene, you can let all your family and friends to witness not only the couple's love, can heighten the atmosphere, more beautiful wedding beautifully, romantic.