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Alternative wedding: a metaphor for old old makeup photos

Two people fall in love, get married means you want to grow old together, in order to fully reflect the marriage of this emotional and solemn responsibility, Taiwan launched an alternative called old makeup wedding wedding photos. Among the wedding, masquerading as a elderly couple will be together like a mirror, symbolizing good wishes of love and do not leave.

most people at the time of the wedding, hoping to leave the most beautiful appearance. But in Taiwan, it became popular to paint himself as the old man old woman, with the white-haired model as the wedding pictures.

it turns out that this is an alternative to a local Photography Studio's latest wedding photographers took pictures of the couple from the first meeting, madly in love, and marry him to die of happiness "life," and let the couple see each other what is old, and motivate them to achieve the commitments to grow old.

the wedding photo studio's staff said: "marriage is a lifetime thing, should let the couple will now accept themselves and each other to the old look and feel. ”

since this alternative photo following the announcement immediately attracted a lot of new people to the "early adopters". One groom said: "after I heard Lao wedding makeup ideas, was interested in take old makeup wedding photo immediately consult with the wife, reserved for future years to witness. ”

this witness live alternative wedding idea is good, but do not know how many young people will accept, although may be curious about his old look, but don't know when real face when will what is mood?